Thanks for downloading and use this application.

This application can work as a medium of conversation with your friends and it may work as a simple chat application without doing any difficult configuration.

It is a standalone application and you just need to copy this MyChatRoom.exe and run it everywhere but your need to create a text file to share with your friends as a communication channel.

Get a copy of your MyChatRoom from HERE
Get a copy of your MyChatRoom Manual HERE

You may visit to this blog frequenly for application update.

Why do you need this?

· This is a standalone application for a simple communication with easy communication establishment.

· You don’t need a highly skill in IT for network setup and configuration.

· You are working in an organization that don’t have the internet access or limited access to the internet to use the common Chat utility in the net or afraid of being monitored by your IT.

· Sharing a text file in a network is a common practice.

Icon Tray Status.

During active window Icon status will shows a static icon sign as below

If a new message receive or the text file updated the static icon will start to switch with below icon

If the active window is hide, the application still activate at tray icon and you will receive a notification sound once the new message receive.

*make sure your PC have this file for sound enable "C:\Windows\media\notify.wav"
If Not exist, please get the file HERE

How does it works?

Users with this application will attached to a selected text file for communication and when the text file is write or updated by one of the user in the group the other will be alerted about the update.

How to start a ChatRoom (Communication medium)?

1. You need to identify the directory to locate a text file to share with your friends. Eg. In Your "C:\Chat" directory.

2. Make sure that your friends can access to the directory. You may open the share among your friends in that directory and give them read and write access.

3. Go To Action --> Start a new room.

4. This form will display and you may go to the directory shared earlier and create a new room.

5. You may see the file already created in the Chat directory. Next you may ask your friends to join the Room.

How to Join a ChatRoom?

1. To join a ChatRoom you must go to Action --> Join Room
2. A Dialogbox as below appear and you may select the text file setup earlier.

3. Another form appear asking for confirmation, click on Goto Room to enter the channel.


Users with old XP without richtextfile OCX support unable to start the application. Please copy the file RICHTX32.OCX at below link and paste it at C:\Windows\system32

Get available RICHTX32.OCX at here